What are Modular Homes?

shopdominium homeModular construction is a process where the building is constructed off-site in a factory. The factory has controlled conditions and follows the same building codes and standards as any other building. In modular construction, every space or room is fabricated separately, resulting in your home being produced in modules and delivered to the site.

Our barndominium experts can help you turn this empty space into your dream home using modular construction. Whether you prefer a single story or a multi-level design, your imagination is the limit.

The prefabricated units are then transported to the site and assembled to meet the building codes of traditional structures. There are many reasons to consider modular construction for your new home. It contributes greatly to environmental sustainability and provides opportunities for using environmentally friendly designs and materials.

Modular construction companies can now work with various levels of design and sophistication to exceed the expectations of traditional building methods. It is important to choose your modular construction process early in the development process when building your home.

Benefits of Modular Construction for Your New Home

Reduction in Construction Waste

barndominium concept large windowsPrefab homes benefit from relying on precise measurements and planning to minimize mistakes and reduce material waste. The modules are prefabricated simultaneously, and any waste materials are reused or recycled within the same facility. This also means inventory is controlled and building materials are protected from loss.

Environmentally Friendlier

Modular construction results in less waste of materials, making it a more environmentally friendly option. The modules are made in a purpose-built factory, leading to greater resource efficiency and reduced environmental impact. The controlled environment also results in less waste and a more sustainable construction process.

Faster Process

barn home by lakeThe prefabrication of the building in the factory allows for other on-site preparation work to be done simultaneously, reducing the overall timeline of the project. In fact, modular construction can result in a 30% to 50% faster completion time compared to conventional construction and is not subject to weather-related delays.

Easier Energy Management

The controlled factory setting allows for more efficient energy use and optimized power usage through machine learning to develop a sustainable building process. The shorter build time also means lower energy expenditure. Insulated panels can also be installed in the modular home for better temperature regulation and improved air quality.

Design Flexibility

Modular homes are built to last longer than traditional homes and can be expanded easily by adding additional modules. They can also be disassembled and reused, reconfigured, or recycled for other projects, leading to minimal debris generation during demolition.

Contemporary and Sustainable

luxury modern barndominiumModular construction involves lower transport costs, reduced labor costs, and the use of less expensive materials. The factory-controlled setting using dry materials also results in a lower potential for high levels of moisture, leading to improved air quality. Your modular home allows for modern, contemporary, and sustainable design.

If you’re interested in modular construction, get free price quotes from our network of Canadian barndominium providers.