The Top 5 Trends in Modern Barn House Design

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Modern barn homes are the epitome of rustic and traditional living with a strong inclination to natural materials. For a long time, barn houses existed in the countryside as a combination of a house and livestock quarters. Its functionality and livability span the era where barn houses evolved into modern dwellings. A modern barn house is now a common sighting in the suburbs and urban areas.

A modern barn house, or barndominium, embraces the open living concept and flexible construction. They are highly customizable and exist in various designs. Barn houses are not limited to typical buildings with gambrel roofs. They are now showcased from the clean, minimalist modern barn house to grandiose buildings with eye-catching designs.

Top 5 Trends in Modern Barn House Design

Barndominiums became widely popular in residential home construction because of their affordability, durability and versatility. In countries like Canada, barndos are a practical option for their ability to weather the changing climate and harsh elements. They are also workable regarding prices, as you can purchase barndominium kits ready for assembly.

Here are the top trends in modern barn homes that can make you rethink how you look at home construction.

  1. Modern Farmhouse

modern barndominium house canadaA modern farmhouse style is a top trend in modern barn homes, taking inspiration from contemporary designs. While classic farmhouses utilize natural materials and vintage accessories, modern barndominiums use clean lines and glossy accents.

Barnhouse plans and interiors for modern farmhouses use a neutral colour palette. Cool and warm neutrals like cream and grey drape the home, keeping the natural charm. Vintage furniture and stainless steel are mostly applied, but wood is used sparingly. Sometimes, wood graces the home as exposed beams.

A modern barn farmhouse is focused on minimalism and maintains the sleek interior of contemporary homes. It complements barndominium kits which often come in stainless steel construction.

  1. Loft Style

white two level barndominiumLoft design is popular to incorporate an extra living space or additional storage. When designed professionally, lofts also add visual interest to the barn home. It adds an airy feel, drawing the eye upward and making it look spacious.

Fortunately, many barndo kits have high ceilings to make the design plans possible. A loft is commonly added in a modern barn home with vaulted ceilings. Vaulted ceilings, unlike flat and cathedral ceilings, extend the space to the top roof. It accommodates the loft with ample space and headroom.

The loft is a blank canvas for design with various options. Glass and steel are perfect for a sophisticated modern barn home theme. If you want to preserve the rustic element of a historic barn, wood and wooden beams are the best materials.

  1. Large Glass Window Concept

barndominium concept large windowsFloor-to-ceiling glass windows are breathtakingly amazing. Many homeowners incorporate them into their modern barn home plans for aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. Large windows allow ample natural light that will brighten the space. When opened, they also let in abundant fresh air for ventilation.

If your home faces a lake or surrounding landscape, it provides an uninterrupted outdoor view for your pleasure. The large glass concept conveys elegance and dramatic sophistication while visually expanding the space.

However, adding it to a modern barn home means a few structural changes to support the window frames. It means higher material and installation costs for the barn home. You can check this out from legit barndominium providers for a cost estimate.

  1. Added Functional Outdoor Features

barn home by lakeBarndominiums are durable structures that offer versatility in designs. One of its biggest advantages is the easy attachment of an outdoor assembly such as garage features or a shop.

Barn house plans for a shop are usually integrated into 40 x 60 barndominium plans. The size is big enough for a couple but may not offer a large family with much living space.

The garage or shop appendage to the main level can accommodate storage, a play area, or a recreational room. It increases the functionality and living space and is popularly used in pole barns or working barn plans.

Outbuildings added to the property are cohesive with the overall house theme. For example, a rustic modern barn home can add a shed roof to the shop with rustic roofing materials. Doors resembling old barns match the style with a rustic charm.

  1. Wraparound Porches

white barndominum small homeA wraparound porch is a relevant and functional feature in a modern barn home. Like outbuildings, porches extend the living space of a home for a play area or a zone for relaxation. Porches add architectural style and function to the barndominium. They also make the home stand out, thereby increasing its resale value.

Yes, barndominiums have resale value and can be financed depending on the structure and materials. That’s why it pays to purchase your barndo kit from legit builders to ensure high-quality and standard materials.

Wraparound porches are a classic style that goes well in a modern barn home and creates an interesting façade. Depending on the floor plan and layout, porches can be elevated or less typically at ground level. Either way, they match the interior design elements of the barndo for a cohesive appeal.

Why Choose a Barndominium?

A modern barn home has endless design ideas befit for its tenants. The best thing about it is its customizability and adaptability to home trends. You can opt to preserve the traditional barn house style or go beyond your imagination’s limits for styles that suit your personality.

Barndominiums are a good option for modern houses because they are interestingly flexible and affordable. They are less expensive than traditional home construction per square foot.

If you are looking for inspiration or looking forward to building your modern barn home, visit us at Here, we can help you customize and price a steel barndominium tailored to your needs. Give us a call today for a free quote and consultation. We will help you imagine your dream home and put that dream into existence.