Shouse: An Innovative and Customizable Housing Option

shouse building

If you are looking for a unique and customizable housing option, a “shouse” is the perfect solution for you.

Shouse, which stands for “shop house“, is a prefabricated steel home that contains both shop (workshop) space and living quarters.

Shouses are versatile, convenient, and modern substitutes for conventional stick-built residences. With a steel frame and cladding, shouses are durable and energy-efficient.

They also offer an open and customizable interior space, making them a perfect choice for those looking to create a living space that fits their lifestyle and preferences.

What is a Shouse?

Definition and Benefits

shop houseA shouse is a custom prefabricated steel home that offers a durable and customizable housing option. Made in Canada, shouses are built with a steel frame and cladding, which provide numerous benefits. Due to its sturdiness and resilience against harsh weather, steel is a practical option for individuals residing in rural regions. Moreover, its resistance to pests and fire safeguards your shouse, keeping it safe and secure.

Steel Frame and Cladding

The steel frame and cladding of a shouse offer numerous benefits. As a lightweight and robust material, steel is a perfect option for constructing homes. Also, steel is an energy-efficient material, meaning a shouse can help you save money on your energy bills. The cladding of a shouse can also be customized to fit your preferences, with options ranging from wood to brick.

Customizable Interior

large open space kitchen interiorOne of the most incredible benefits of a shouse is the open and customizable interior space. Unlike traditional stick-built homes, shouses offer an open floor plan that you can customize to fit your lifestyle and preferences. The flexibility of shouses enables you to customize everything, from the layout and room dimensions to the finishes and fixtures, giving you the opportunity to create a living space that genuinely reflects your personality and style.

How to Build a Shouse

Finding a Manufacturer

The first step in building a shouse is to find a manufacturer who specializes in steel construction. There are many steel building manufacturers in Canada and we’ll be happy to help you find the right one. Some prefab building manufacturers will provide assembly services as well, while others may have recommended third party contractors they work with. Either way, you’ll want to find a provider that provides good value and you’re comfortable working with.

Site Preparation

concrete slab foundationAfter securing a builder, the subsequent phase involves preparing the construction site.

Site preparation involves clearing the land, leveling the ground, and ensuring the site is ready for construction. Your builder can help you with this process and ensure your site is adequately prepared.

Design and Customization

barndominium floorplanThe design and customization phase is where you get to create your dream shouse. Collaborating with your builder, you can develop a tailor-made design that meets your requirements and preferences.

This phase includes choosing everything from the layout and room sizes to the finishes and fixtures. Your builder can assist you throughout the process, guaranteeing that your shouse is finalized to your contentment.

Assembly and Finishing Touches

Once the design and customization phase is complete, it’s time for assembly and finishing touches. Assembly involves constructing the steel frame and cladding while finishing touches include installing the interior finishes and fixtures. Your builder can help you with this process and ensure your shouse is completed satisfactorily.


1. How long does it take to build a shouse?

The timeline for building a shouse can vary depending on site preparation, customization, and assembly factors. Typically, constructing a shouse takes a few months, which is substantially faster than traditional stick-built homes.

2. What are the cost considerations for a shouse?

The cost of building a shouse varies depending on factors such as size, customization, and location. However, shouses are generally more affordable than traditional stick-built homes due to their prefabricated construction and steel frame. Furthermore, shouses are energy-efficient, translating to significant savings on your energy bills over time.

3. How customizable is the interior of a shouse?

The interior of a shouse is fully customizable, allowing you to create a living space that fits your lifestyle and preferences. The degree of flexibility provided by shouses extends to everything from the room dimensions and layout to the finishes and fixtures. Such freedom empowers you to fashion a home that genuinely embodies your personality and style.


white barndominum small homeBuilding a shouse requires careful planning and consideration, but the result is a beautiful and functional home that can provide years of enjoyment.

With its energy efficiency, low maintenance requirements, and customizable interior, a shouse is the perfect solution for those looking for a unique and practical housing option. So why wait? Start planning your shouse today and create the home of your dreams.