How to Save Money While Building a Barndominium

building a barndominium

Building a barndominium years ago may have been unheard of. But creating a living space inside a barn style building has been a fad in recent years. The beauty of a barn is timeless, and builders take advantage of its open floor plan to create a barn house that people love.

Compared to a traditional house, barn house costs are often cheaper, given its simple construction. If you plan on building a custom home using a barn, you may opt to use an existing barn with the provision that it is still viable to live in. If not, you must spend more on its reconstruction or perhaps build a new barndominium home from scratch.

What Is a Barndominium?

gambrel style barn homeWhen you hear the word “barndominium,” your brain automatically thinks of a barn and a condominium. A barndominium is a word used to describe barns that function as living quarters. A barndominium design also offers spaces you would find inside a traditional home, such as a living room, bedrooms, a kitchen and a dining area.

Some barndominium owners even create their own floor plans to include other features inside and outside the barn. More luxurious and bigger barndos may include a wraparound porch, a space for the gym, and a working area, among others.

Is Building a Barndominium Worth It?

The building process of your dream barndominium may not be a walk in the park. There are many considerations that you have to think about, especially if you are converting an already existing barn. Take note that a barn is not meant for human living space, and its construction may not be apt for comfort and ease. Insulation, plumbing, septic tank and HVAC systems are not normally found in a typical barn. So, you must take these things into account.

Building your dream barndo may be difficult, but it has many advantages. The HGTV network show, Fixer Upper, may have helped boost the popularity of barn houses, but they have been around for many years in rural areas.

Barn homeowners find a barndominium floor plan more convenient. Building a barndominium is worth it for the following reasons:

  • Construction times are generally shorter, which saves you construction and labour costs.
  • Most new barndos are built using steel. A steel building is stronger, resistant to fire and low maintenance.
  • Using a barndominium kit makes building the structure easier and faster. With a metal building kit, the construction may be finished within 6 months.
  • The steel construction includes a metal roof and metal frame. The metal roofing and support ensure that the building materials used result in a durable home for you and your family.
  • You can customize the barn house plan. While pre-existing barndominium plans are available from a barn builder, you can always customize your floor plan depending on the land area available or the square foot area of an existing barn.

6 Ways to Save Money While Building a Barndominium

modern barndominium house canadaBuilding a barndominium is a cheaper alternative to building a traditional home. However, one should know that while it is less expensive to build, you should still expect to spend on important things such as insulation, proper electrical and plumbing work, windows and doors installation, and permit processing.

However, you can save money when building a barndominium with the following tips:

  1. Use a Barndo Kit

Barndominium kits are very useful for cost-cutting. Kits include the things you need, from the framing to the interior layout. It also includes exterior sheeting, fasteners, trims, and other important components in a barndominium build.

You can easily purchase these kits from companies specializing in barndo buildings. The kits are practical and convenient since it lessens any guesswork and minimizes errors in the construction, especially if you DIY the entire process.

  1. Choose Concrete or Laminate Flooring

barn home by lakeConcrete floors are not as expensive as they used to be. You can even choose to use the barn’s existing concrete slab and just polish it with a good finishing option. This will surely save you a lot of money.

Also, consider using laminate flooring instead of real wood. Just make sure that you opt for high-quality laminate. There are less expensive options that mimic the beauty of real wood floors.

  1. Opt for Standard-Size Windows and Doors

Aside from the barn’s high ceiling and exterior walls, windows and doors are key to its aesthetics. While we understand that you may want to customize windows and doors in varying sizes, installing standard-size ones can save you a lot of money since they are readily available in the market anytime. They are also many designs available that you can choose from that perfectly match the barndo’s aesthetics.

  1. Purchase RTA Cabinets from Wholesalers

Cabinet customization plays a huge role in why building a barndominium costs a fortune. If you want to cut this expense, install ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets purchased from wholesalers. And to save more, you can DIY the installation of these cabinets if you want to minimize labour costs.

  1. Choose Your Location Wisely

The location of the land where you want to build the barndo speaks volumes of how much you will spend. When the land is too far from the city, you must spend more on transporting supplies and building materials. The location is also subject to building permits, contractor fees, and other factors.

Moreover, depending on the area’s marketability, you may spend more or less purchasing the land where you want to build the barndo. The importance of the location does not end after building a barndominium since it can also affect the price of the property if you decide to sell it in the future.

  1. Hire a Reliable Contractor

white barndominum small homeHaving a barndominium house plan does not guarantee a good job. While you can be your own builder and general contractor with a barndominium kit, it always helps to have a reliable contractor because they already have extensive knowledge and skill. A contractor can help you with permits, designs, and blueprints.

Canadian barndominiums are on the rise nowadays with the help of building providers that guarantee efficiency and productivity. Barndominiums has a network of skilled building providers that help Canadians get their dream barn house! You can request a free quote here, and one of the providers will contact you!