Prefab Homes Are Trending – Here’s Why

white two level barndominium

Just in case you haven’t noticed, prefab homes are one of the latest trends in Canadian housing and real estate. This is an excellent route anyone can take to acquire their dream home. Doing so makes an affordable home possible as well as it being less stressful to construct. Even though they are different types of, the basic process is that they are all pre-made in a factory. Once the factory manufacturing process is completed, they are shipped to the site and assembled there. If you are considering buying a prefab, then there are a few things that you should consider.

What Are Prefab Homes?

A prefabricated or prefab home is built piece-by-piece from factory-manufactured sections. The factory or manufacturing plant can do this either partially or even create the parts in their entirety. This is all done with a form of precision to detail, and this creates a prefab kit, ready for shipping, to the final site destination. There are different types and sizes of manufactured homes and kit homes, but the primary thread is that the majority of the building is created off-site. Once delivered then utilities and other finishes and aesthetics are done on-site, to the taste of the owner.

Finance For Your Prefab Home

small barn cabinAs you start your journey to owning your prefab home, you may need to consider and plan your financing. This is where your mortgage broker can help you shop around for the best deal in the market to meet your needs. Some lenders may finance some types of prefab homes over others. This may mean that you can let your broker take the hassle out of this for you, as financing your prefab home may require a construction loan. 

A construction-to-permanent loan will assist with any upfront cost to manufacture the home. Once the home is delivered to site and built complete, the loan may then be transitioned to a mortgage.

The Main Types Of Prefab Homes

Even though they are made in a manufacturing plant and shipped to a final site for erection, one prefab barndominium home is not identical to the next. They all come in various styles and also are completed based on your unique taste. This also is true since you can create your own design with your preferred contractor and in conjunction with the representatives of the manufacturing plant. However, there are general categories of prefab homes based on how they are constructed.

The Modular Home

This form of prefab home is done where pieces also known as modules are built off-site. These modular buildings tend to have a permanent foundation. The general cost of the modular home tends to be lower than a site-built home. Over time though the modular home tends to appreciate in its value. Along with this the modular home is at times built to even higher standards than the site built home, lending to their safety. The modular prefab can be customized into a Bungalow or Ranch or even a Cape Cod structure.

Panelized Prefab Home

modern barndominium house canadaAlso known as an open-wall home, the homes are built like a panel from in the factory and then shipped. This way, the panels are pre-built off-site and then shipped to the final location. At the final destination, the panels are joined together and assembled to create the building. This type of prefab is captured in three components. 

These three groups are:

  • The Floor System
  • Walls – Interior and Exterior
  • The Roof Trusses

If the panels are set on a concrete foundation, the concrete is set on-site and then the prefab building is built on this.  Again, the prefab panelised home is made to some exacting standards before leaving the factory. This lends to their enhanced safety and also energy efficiency.

The Kit Home

This prefab structure is more familiarly known as the ready-cut house. These premade pieces are primarily assembled by the homeowner as a DIY, or by an authorized contractor.  Kit homes are similar to panelized homes but are created to be assembled by the buyer.

Do Consider This When Buying Your Prefab Home

When you have made a decision to acquire your own prefab home, it can be exciting and even sometimes daunting. However, be sure to take some time to choose one that suits your personal taste and also your budget. With the right perspective the process is manageable. Some factors to consider before buying a prefab home include:

The Design

barndominium floorplanMake it personal. Your home design determines its size and also the fittings and finishes that it can accommodate. The design also determines how quickly the factory can build and also the types and amount of cost that you will likely incur. Coupled with this factor is the complexity of your drawing. The complexity can also impact the construction time.

The Space

How many rooms do you want for your prefab? Consider as well if you want to add any units later on. This also determines what spacing requirements you will need in your prefab.


Though your prefab home can practically fit any rural or urban setting, it is still wise to see what is ideal for your location. Some areas may have specific building restrictions and other guidelines that need to be followed. As you decide on your prefab, consider your location of choice as well.

The Intent And Purpose

What is the functionality that you are thinking of in your prefab home? Maybe you are looking at a garage or detached carport, or maybe a workshop or apartment for rental. Maybe it’s a home away from home or a cabin in the woods. 

Getting Into The Trend

Barndominium Inside InteriorGetting your prefab home has its benefits, as they tend to cost less and take less time than building a home the traditional way. There is also less wastage as there are no man-power issues for the homeowner, nor weather impact to consider. Along with this, the precision is higher and also the standards for construction.These small things add up to make a huge impact on energy efficiency and even maintenance.