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If you’ve ever dreamed of having a cozy, private space for overnight guests, a weekend getaway, or a rental property, a prefab guest house might be the perfect solution. With their affordable price, customization options, and eco-friendly construction, prefab guest houses are becoming increasingly popular among Canadians.

In this detailed guide, we’ll discuss prefab guest houses from various aspects, including types, costs, construction processes, and benefits. So, let’s continue and explore the world of prefab guest houses!

What Is a Prefab Guest House?

A prefab guest house, short for prefabricated guest house, It can be a modular building constructed off-site, or a steel home building kit that’s transported and assembled on your property.

These guest houses come in various styles and sizes, providing extra space for overnight stays, hobbies, or rental income. Let’s look at the different types of prefab guest houses and their customization options:

Barndominium Guest Houses

prefab homes barndominium workshopA barndominium is a home with ‘barn’, workshop, garage or other storage space built in. It’s generally styled to look like a farmhouse. They feature a durable steel-framed building which allows for large spans and wide open spaces. The open concept of these barns with guest quarters makes it easier for you to customize the interior without concern about structural interior walls.

Modular Guest House

This type of guest house consists of multiple modules or sections built off-site, then transported and assembled on your property. Modular guest houses are known for their flexibility and high-quality construction.

Steel Guest Houses

metal barns with guest quartersPrefabricated steel guest houses are constructed off-site in a factory setting, then transported and installed on your property. They offer a streamlined construction process and a wide range of customization options. These structures make an ideal shell for your home which you can then customize the interior of to fit your needs and aesthetics.

Garden suites

Also known as backyard cabins, garden suites are small, standalone structures that provide additional living space. These charming guest houses often include features like verandas, planter boxes, and large windows for natural light.

Customization Options

You can customize a Prefab guest house to suit your needs and preferences. From tiny homes to more spacious structures, you can choose the size, layout, and design features that make your guest house truly unique. Some standard customization options include high ceilings, large windows for natural light, and double doors for easy access.

How Much Does a Prefab Guest House Cost?

barndominium costThe cost of a prefab guest house depends on several factors, including size, design, and location. Let’s explore these factors and compare prefab guest house costs with traditional construction.

Factors Affecting Cost

Size and square footage

The bigger your guest house, the higher the cost. However, larger prefab guest houses are often more affordable than traditional construction.

Design and features

Customization options, such as high-end finishes and unique architectural elements, can increase the overall cost of your prefab guest house.


Your property’s location can impact the cost of shipping and installing your prefab guest house. Remote areas or difficult-to-access properties may require additional equipment and labor costs.

Prefab Guest House Ideas

Prefab guest houses are generally more cost effective than traditional construction due to streamlined manufacturing processes and lower labor costs. Additionally, the construction timeline for prefab guest houses is usually shorter, saving you money on financing and carrying costs.

By understanding the costs, construction process, and benefits associated with prefab guest houses, you’ll be better equipped to decide whether this type of structure is right for you.

Budget-friendly options

If budget is a constraint, you can choose prefab guest houses that are easier to build and require significantly fewer materials. For example, consider some of these more affordable prefab guest house options:

Steel Shed Kit

A steel shed kit is a simple, do-it-yourself option for adding extra space to your property. You can transform a shed kit into a cozy guest house with a few modifications.

Fairview Wood Shed Kit

This charming guest home kit features a colonial-inspired design, complete with a covered porch and double doors.

Colonial Gable Greenhouse

With its large windows and classic gable roof, you can easily convert this greenhouse kit into a light-filled guest house.

How to Build a Prefab Guest House?

Building a prefab guest house involves several steps, from choosing the right location to customizing the interior. Let’s go through the building process of a perfect prefab guest house:

Choosing the Right Location

Consider factors like privacy, access to utilities, and local regulations when selecting the ideal spot for your prefab guest house. You may want to place it in your backyard, adjacent to your main property, or in a more remote outdoor space to maximize privacy and enjoyment.

Obtaining Necessary Permits

Before construction begins, you must obtain the appropriate permits for your prefab guest house. Follow your local municipality and determine the licenses required and zoning regulations in your area.

Selecting the Perfect Guest House Design

Choose a design that complements your existing property and meets your needs for space and functionality. Consider factors like the number of guests you plan to accommodate, their privacy needs, and any desired amenities, such as a bathroom or kitchenette.

Construction Process

Off-site construction: Your prefab guest house will be built off-site in a factory setting, ensuring a controlled environment and efficient construction process.

On-site assembly: Once the components are ready, they’ll be transported to your property and assembled by a professional team.

Customizing the Interior

Personalize your prefab guest house by selecting finishes, fixtures, and furnishings that reflect your style and preferences. You might consider high-end features like high ceilings, large windows for more light, and double doors for quick access.

Benefits of Prefab Homes You Should Know

Many Canadians live in prefab guest houses, and for good reasons. These homes are constructed in climate-controlled locations and then shifted to the buyer’s site for final assembly. Prefab guest houses are popular because they offer several benefits. Have a look at the following benefits:

Reduced Costs

home kits in canadaPrefab construction is generally more affordable than traditional building methods due to lower labor costs and streamlined processes. These homes are cheaper because they don’t require subcontractors. Plus, they are faster to build, which results in lower construction management and overhead costs.

In fact, many manufacturers have automized the construction process of prefab guest houses. That makes these houses very affordable as companies are producing the main units in bulk.


Prefab guest houses have shorter construction timelines, allowing you to enjoy your new space sooner. According to McKinsey, the construction time of a modular home is 50% faster than a traditional construction process.

Besides that, there is no delay with prefab houses because of harsh weather as the construction process takes place in the factories. Depending on the prefab house manufacturer you choose, you can move to your new home within 2 to 3 months.

Sustainable Materials

Many prefab guest houses use eco-friendly materials and construction methods, reducing their environmental impact. Traditional construction produces a lot of waste, but modular construction uses lesser construction materials.

The components used in building prefab homes remain in the factories and are recycled to produce other materials. This way, these homes are more environment-friendly as compared to traditional homes.


You can use prefab guest houses for various purposes, including using them as a  rental property, hobby space, or additional living space for family and friends. Besides that, they offer greater flexibility as compared to traditional houses. Depending on your preferences, you can choose different types of modules and lots of different designs.


Prefab guest houses are designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring a durable and long-lasting structure. The prefab homes are resistant to cold, strong winds, and dampness. Prefab guest houses are built to withstand harsh temperatures, including heavy snow and rainfall.

Potential as a rental property

Prefab guest houses can also serve as rental properties such as on Airbnb, providing a source of income. Whether you’re considering a tiny house for short-term rentals or a more spacious guest house for long-term tenants, a prefab guest house can be a lucrative investment.


1.    Where to put a prefab guest house

Backyard: Placing your guest house in the backyard offers convenient access and a close connection to your main property.

Adjacent to the main property: A guest house near your main property can provide additional living space or a private retreat for guests.

Remote outdoor space: A secluded guest house offers privacy and an immersive outdoor experience for your guests.

2.    Do I need a permit for a prefab guest house?

Permit requirements vary by location. Go to your local municipality to determine your area’s necessary permits and zoning regulations.

3.    How big should a prefab guest house be?

A prefab guest house can be of any size according to your requirements. Consider these tips to choose the right size for your prefab house:

Tiny house options: A tiny house may be the perfect choice if you’re looking to accommodate one or two guests.

Larger guest houses for families: A more extensive guest house with multiple rooms and amenities may be more suitable if you plan to host families or groups.

Balancing size with functionality: Consider your guests’ needs and the available space on your property when determining the ideal size for your prefab guest house.

Wrap Up!

prefab homesPrefab guest houses offer an affordable, versatile, and eco-friendly way to add extra living space to your property. With numerous design options and benefits, prefab guest houses are an excellent option worth exploring for homeowners seeking additional space or rental income. Whether you’re interested in a cozy tiny house for weekend getaways or a more spacious guest house for family gatherings, there’s a prefab guest house to suit your needs.

As discussed in this guide, building a prefab guest house involves selecting the right location, obtaining necessary permits, choosing the perfect design, and customizing the interior.

So, why not take the next step and explore the many options available for prefab guest houses? With their cost-effective construction, time-saving benefits, and endless customization possibilities, a prefab guest house could be the perfect addition to your property.