Metal Barns with Guest Quarters

metal barns with guest quarters

Guest quarters are a great way to accommodate visitors on your property. Whether you’re looking to build a cozy guest house, a luxurious suite, or something in between, there are a few factors to consider when building guest quarters. These four considerations will help you plan the perfect guest quarters, from safety and comfort to budget and aesthetics. Read on to learn more about creating the ideal place for guests.

Metal building homes are becoming a popular choice in the residential sector because it is now one of the more affordable and weather-resistant buildings available. This type of pre-engineered structure, often called a barndominium, enhances property resale value and can also be listed as a rental unit, increasing the homeowner’s income.

Advantages of Using Metal Barn Kits for Guest Quarters

There are several benefits to using metal barn kits to construct guest quarters, including:

Shorter construction time

white barndominum small homeCompared to conventional buildings such as wood or wall structures, metal buildings have a significantly shorter construction time, often saving 30-50% of construction time.

Lower cost of construction

Due to the shorter construction time and less labor inputs, metal buildings can result in substantial cost savings and less waste, as everything structurally comes in the metal building kit.

Insurance cost savings

As metal buildings are resistant to strong winds, torrential rain, snow, and seismic activity and are non-flammable, they can lead to lower insurance costs.

Environmentally friendly

With proper insulation, metal buildings can use less energy for heating and cooling compared to wooden structures of similar size. The metal is recyclable and there is little impact on the environment.

Easy maintenance

With finishes and coatings applied in the factory to the metal building kit, the impact of corrosion is minimized, resulting in minimal damage or structural deterioration over time and resistance to insect damage.

Attractive Guest Quarter Designs

large metal barn houseAesthetics are important for any form of accommodation, and metal barn structures are no exception. The appearance of the guest quarters is limited only by the property owner’s imagination. For maximum use of square footage and the best finishes, it is recommended to consult with a building specialist who has a wealth of ideas and suggestions.

Future Upgrade or Expansion

As time goes on, there may be a need to upgrade or enhance the structure to keep it contemporary. Metal buildings are easy to upgrade and significantly easier to expand without breaking the bank.

Size and Style Customization

white two level barndominiumThere are various standard size structures for the metal barn kit, but custom builds are also possible to meet specific requirements. The color, roof, windows, doors, and metal gauge can be manufactured to the owner’s specifications.

What’s Included in the Kit?

The kit includes everything needed to install the structure, including the customization features, building anchors, fastening hardware, wall and roof paneling, metal framing and supports. The design and structure of the guest quarters are limited only by the owner’s imagination.