Is a Shouse Right For Me?

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With the various forms of contemporary living and styles around, having a shouse may just suit your own lifestyle. With the time of working from home and remote spaces now, there may be no better time than now to consider owning a shouse. 

Others may be able to think of it this way where you may be owning and operating your own home-based business or DIY-ing using great tools and equipment. These living quarters are part of the building that houses your shop or workplace, all under the same roof. Therefore you get to enjoy the comfort of and the utility brought by having a place to stay, enjoy your hobbies and complete your projects at the same time. Is it right for you? Read on to find out.

The Shouse

This type of living space can be traced all the way back to the Middle ages where the trades people extended part of their home into a workshop. Today, they have been modernized of course to include all forms of amenities, and finishes. The modern shouse come in different shapes and sizes, all depending on the needs of the owner. This also lends to their versatility and full functionality of today, without looking dated.

Why Would You Want One?

Do you run a home-based business? Are you a stay-at-home mom or dad? Maybe you are a freelancer who needs a place to store your big toys and work tools, but still need your family space close by. These could very well be some of the key reasons that you would want a shouse. Not only for tailors or fine artists, but maybe chefs and pastry makers as well. 

Maybe you want the comfort of meeting your clients in a convenient space and save on your own commute across town. It does not only have to be for work either but can be a space to hold your favorite hobby and recreational activity equipment gear, for example fishing or hunting, under one roof.

What Are The Benefits Of A Shouse?

No More Commute To Work

This is one of the key things which comes to mind when many individuals consider owning a shouse. Persons tend to realize the amount of time spent in a commute from one location say home to office daily. This is now eliminated.

Create More Time For Work

Since you have your living quarters and workshop under the same building, you can easily dedicate even more time to your project or hobbies.

Saves Money

With a shouse you can save some money, since you do not need two separate structures to house your work and living needs. Two structures also mean two sets of maintenance, two types of utilities, two insurance rates and fees. Along with this, with two separate structures you may even have two separate taxes to pay as well as even having several square feet of unutilized space. On the other hand, your shouse keeps everything in the same building, and therefore you can see the savings all around. 

The Cost of A Shouse

It is always dependent on several factors, some of which include your personal taste as well, that can impact on the cost of your shouse. However there are some things which are a bit easier to identify that impact the cost of your shouse.

The Physical Location

Outside of the construction materials, the cost of a shouse in one location as compared to another could be quite different.  At times the cost of site preparation and utility connections can impact the cost and the amount of work to be done. Other costs may be found in the taxation rates and other factors, for example landscaping and regrading as well. Maybe the property is in an area with lots of moisture, as opposed to one which is situated in an area with high vehicular traffic and needs some other forms of adjustment for the specific locale.

The Size

Is your shouse bigger than my shouse? Why? Well, you may simply need a larger shouse to accommodate all of your work and play needs. Others may just need a shouse for their smaller etsy-type niche business or other freelancer needs. The cost of building and finishing the shouse therefore depends on the size and also the purpose as well.  

Features And Fittings

Having a shouse does not mean the exclusion of the home’s luxury features and fittings. This is of course again a matter of personal taste and touch. Therefore, having a high-end kitchen or bedroom finish will cost a bit more than a standard or minimalist finish.  

Making the Move

Of course, it makes sense to engage the advice of an expert contractor. This is important as you want to have the shouse as a best fit, as much as possible for your needs. Perhaps you can also have a look around for other shouses in your area. This can then give you a real perspective, including finishes and dimensions and ideas of your own shouse.