Custom Metal Building Homes

Customized metal home kits

Over the past couple of years, the housing market has seen many challenges, such affordability, availability, and finding a suitable yet sustainable building. Potential homeowners are seeking stability, innovation, and affordability, and these are a few of the critical reasons why metal home kits are increasing in popularity. This type of home might seem unusual at first, but its many benefits make it clear why it is so popular.

What is a customizable metal home kit?

A customizable home kit is a building that has been delivered to your designated location and assembled on site. All of the structural parts have been made and pre-cut in a factory. As the name suggests, this structure can be customised to suit your needs and tastes and is limited in design only by your imagination. These kit homes allow for flexibility while still keeping the building costs low. A customizable home kit includes all the exteriors but not the home’s interiors, such as plumbing, electricity, finishes, or furnishings.

Consider the Cost

As you build your home using the customised metal kit, average budgetary costs can range from $50 to $120 per square foot. This estimate takes the cost of the metal kit and the assembly into account. Finishing the interior is generally up to you. On the other hand, using other building methods can range in estimated costs from $150 to $300 per square, all dependent on design and form.

The general increase in the price of lumber today has made metal-framed construction much more favorable. Added to this is the fact that metal is lighter than lumber, which makes the process faster and even more affordable while still remaining trendy in looks.

Of course, there are general factors that would impact your budgetary costs as you look around for the right metal home kit for your needs. Some of the primary things include:

  • Square Footage
  • Design Options and Selection
  • Specific customizations: For example, an add-on garage, storage room, or office

Be aware that these budget costs are on top of the costs of preparing the land, pouring the foundation, and setting up the utilities.

Design Options for Your Metal Home

Metal homes come in a wide range of styles and designs, from simple to very complicated. These can be, for example,

Quonset Huts

A Quonset hut can go for between $13 and $20 per square foot and is one of the simpler metal home structures. The semi-circular design makes for a unique-looking metal home. In many cases, the Quonset hut kit has a metal roof included in the metal kit.

Rigid Frame House

The budgetary estimates for this type of metal structure are between $13 and $19 per square foot. These use heavy-duty pinning. Therefore, they are a bit more stable than other housing solutions. On the inside, an open floor plan with no obstructing walls or columns allows for complete flexibility in how the space is used.

A-Frame House

These triangular-shaped homes are also strong and a major choice in areas prone to storms and major weather systems. The A-frame house is available for homeowners on a tight budget and can go for as low as $13 per square foot. On the other hand, those interested in high-end materials and finishes can expect to pay around $125 per square foot.

The Barndominium

gambrel style barn home

With an average cost of around $52 per square foot, these can be another option in the customizable metal home kit. Many metal barndominium kits incorporate both a working or shop space and the living quarters, all under the same roof.

Generally More Cost-Effective

Metal home kits are less expensive compared to other building alternatives. Yes, because the materials are pre-cut, measured in an off-site setting, and delivered ready to assemble. Additionally, there is very little, if any, material waste. Less time is needed to construct them. The metal house kit comes with all the necessary parts to construct your house’s structure. All materials are pre-cut at the factory, and kits are delivered with detailed assembly instructions. This reduces the time spent on putting the structure together.

Flexible Designs

As technology continues to evolve, so do kit homes. Many companies have flexible designs that buyers can customize to their preferences. Like other traditional houses, kit homes can offer a nice finishing touch to help make your house decent. The wide selection of customizable options also ensures you stick to your budget and don’t end up with a home designed with hefty bills.

Low Maintenance

Metal home kits are easy to maintain. You don’t need to worry about replacing your shingles. The material is even easy to clean. The only maintenance required is keeping the metal building in shape. That is, making repairs where possible.

white barndominum small home


No doubt, metal is one of the most durable materials in the world. Metal buildings are also constructed to withstand many situations. They are even tested to tolerate hurricane wind forces of up to 200 mph. Customizable homes also have a little bend, which makes them sturdier. They are also designed not to crack. They resist corrosion and are invulnerable to pests like termites.

Energy efficient

Metal kits are energy efficient because they have excellent insulation. They can reduce your heating and cooling needs by sealing up leaks.

Metal home kits are a perfect way to construct your dream home without breaking the bank. Whether you want to build a barn, workshop, or a small house, kit homes are sent entirely ready to build. The beauty of these buildings is that they come with customization orders. so you can design and organize them to suit your needs.

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