The Top 5 Trends in Modern Barn House Design

luxury modern barndominium

Modern barn homes are the epitome of rustic and traditional living with a strong inclination to natural materials. For a long time, barn houses existed in the countryside as a combination of a house and livestock quarters. Its functionality and livability span the era where barn houses evolved into modern dwellings. A modern barn house…

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Here’s How Barndominiums Are the Ultimate Farm Home

barndominium farm home

If you’re tired of the same old traditional farm homes, it’s time to discover the wonder of barndominiums. These custom-made living spaces are the best choice for people who want versatility and affordability. Whether you’re looking for a cozy workshop or a spacious abode, barndominiums have you covered. In this article, we’ll explore how prefabricated…

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Prefab Buildings for Homes and Businesses

gambrel style barn home

Prefab buildings are ideal spaces for your home or business. Every year, the use of prefab metal buildings in homes and commercial businesses is increasing. This type of building has dominated the housing market due to its numerous benefits over traditional concrete or wood buildings. Retail Buildings The popularity of prefab buildings, along with barndominiums,…

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Metal Barns with Guest Quarters

metal barns with guest quarters

Guest quarters are a great way to accommodate visitors on your property. Whether you’re looking to build a cozy guest house, a luxurious suite, or something in between, there are a few factors to consider when building guest quarters. These four considerations will help you plan the perfect guest quarters, from safety and comfort to…

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What are Modular Homes?

shopdominium home

Modular construction is a process where the building is constructed off-site in a factory. The factory has controlled conditions and follows the same building codes and standards as any other building. In modular construction, every space or room is fabricated separately, resulting in your home being produced in modules and delivered to the site. Our…

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Why Barndos are Growing in Popularity

white two level barndominium

Barndos or Barndominiums have become one of the more popular housing solutions lately. At first, the name Barndo may not sound as sophisticated as some other prefab home solutions. After all, this type of home was started by the farmers and ranchers when they created a loft in their barns. Today, however, the barndo is…

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What Are Prefab Homes?

prefab homes

Prefab homes like Barndominium kits are becoming more and more popular every year. They are efficient and generally cheaper to construct than a traditional home. This is great for people who want a nice house but may not have the budget for a traditional home. Along with this is the timeline that you may want…

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The Benefits and Downsides Of Prefabricated Housing

luxury modern barndominium

With various building options in the construction industry today, it can be challenging to decide which route to take when building your own home. One type of construction which has been growing in popularity over the past few years is prefabricated housing. Often called “prefab” homes or “modular” homes, these residences are created in factories.…

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Laneway Housing – Everything You Need To Know

modern barndominium house canada

We’ve all seen them at some point or another. It is those detached but completely self-sufficient units that are usually built at the rear of your existing property. They also open up onto the laneway. These units being found all over are called Laneway Houses and are one of the ways to ease the pressure…

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Is a Shouse Right For Me?

white barndominum small home

With the various forms of contemporary living and styles around, having a shouse may just suit your own lifestyle. With the time of working from home and remote spaces now, there may be no better time than now to consider owning a shouse.  Others may be able to think of it this way where you…

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