Barndominium Kits: Simplifying Home Construction

barndominium home kit

Imagine creating your dream rural retreat that blends the best of traditional design with modern convenience and durability. Enter barndominium kits, an innovative approach to home building that combines the charm of a barn-style home with the strength of steel construction.

These customizable homes have been gaining popularity among rural homeowners and affluent city dwellers looking for a second home that offers a unique living experience. Let’s dive deeper into the Barndominium kits and help you make the right decision before choosing one.

What Are Barndominium Kits?

Barndominiums are a fusion of barns and condominiums, with origins in the Southern United States. They are residential buildings that feature steel frames and metal cladding, providing the perfect mix of style and functionality. Barndominium kits are prefabricated packages that include all the necessary materials and components to construct a custom barndominium home. They have become increasingly popular in Canada in recent years, thanks to their durability, customization options, and cost-effectiveness.

What Is Included in a Barndominium Kit?

building a barndominiumBarndominium kits are often DIY-friendly, they contain all the materials and instructions to help make DIY assembly easier. These kits come with easy-to-understand assembly manuals and all the things you need to build your barn house. When you purchase a barndominium kit, you can expect to receive:

  • A steel frame and cladding, ensuring the strength and durability of your home
  • Exterior doors and windows, offering a touch of style and curb appeal
  • Basic interior walls and load-bearing walls, providing support and structure for your living space
  • Complete roof materials, protecting your home from the elements
  • Simple yet complete instructions manual

How Do Barndominium Kits Work?

Using a barndominium kit involves choosing from a variety of existing barndominium designs, style for the house, and its metal frame. It all starts with a metal frame, then you have to implement a floor plan and use materials, contractors, and different products to complete the project. The process of building a barndominium from a metal-building kit is straightforward and consists of the following steps:

Design Process

The first step involves more selection and planning. You can choose from a range of barndominium floor plans, or work with a designer to create your own custom plan. Select customization options for your living space, such as interior finishes, fixtures, and appliances.

Site Preparation and Foundation Construction

barndominium foundationThe second step is a brief one, but it is very important. You must first prepare your building site, including clearing and grading the land. Finally, construct a suitable foundation for your barndominium, typically a concrete slab as it proves to be good for Canadian homes because of its properties to retain heat.

Assembly and Finishing

Lastly, erect the steel frame and attach the metal cladding, doors, and windows. Then install interior walls, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. Then add final touches, such as paint and landscaping. You can do all these tasks yourself too if you have a little know-how and skills, but there are contractors available too to help you build a barndominium kit.

Types of Barndominium Kits

There are several types of barndominium kits available depending on the main frame and design. These kits range from small to large shells and even multi-level shells. These are the main types of barndominium kits:

Steel Building Kits

steel building framing homeThe steel barndominium kits feature a steel frame and cladding, providing exceptional strength and durability. They are an ideal choice for homeowners who value longevity and low maintenance. Steel buildings are very durable and can withstand the rigors of extreme weather.

Similar to steel building kits, metal building kits use a combination of steel and other metals to create a sturdy, long-lasting structure. These metal barndominium kits may offer additional design options and styles to suit your preferences.

Custom Barndominium Kits

For those who desire a truly unique home, custom barndominium kits allow you to design your dream barndominium from the ground up. You can choose the exact specifications, materials, and finishes to create a one-of-a-kind living space.

Benefits of Barndominium Kits

Prefabricated barndominium kits help you design homes with amazing capabilities. These homes are engineered in a way that they are easy to assemble and save a lot of time. The barndominium kits offer several advantages over traditional home construction, including:

Cost Savings

Kit homes are popular mainly because of their affordability as compared to the traditional homes. Barndominium kits are often more affordable due to their prefabricated nature and streamlined building process. While traditional homes can cost around $145 per square foot on an average, you can get a barndominium house for as less as $30 per square foot for the shell.

Customization Options

barndominium plans designWith a wide array of floor plans and design options, you can create a living space that perfectly suits your needs and style preferences. Since these kits are normally open designs, you can custom-tailor them to meet your lifestyle and preferences.

In Canada, there is a growing trend of having a living space that could help you operate your business. With a barndominium kit, you can use your living space to run your business too, for instance, use it as a restaurant or a bar as it’s very versatile.

Durability and Low Maintenance

Steel and metal buildings are resistant to weather, pests, and seismic activity, requiring minimal upkeep to maintain their appearance and structural integrity. The metal frame is sturdy enough to last for more than 60 years, and is a good option for those looking for a long-term solution. Also, because of their rigid frame and design, these homes require very little upkeep.

Energy Efficiency

Barndominiums can be designed with energy-efficient features such as insulation, windows, and HVAC systems, reducing your environmental impact and utility costs. These homes can be used for radiant heating systems for concrete floors as they are quite energy-efficient. With this heating system in Canada, it is possible to keep your floors warmer and turn your living space into a warmer and more comfortable one.


1. How much do barndominium kits cost per square foot?

The cost of a barndominium kit can vary depending on factors such as materials, design complexity, and regional pricing. On average, barndominium kits can range from $50 to $150 per square foot. This price usually includes the building materials, but not the cost of land, site preparation, or labor.

2. What are popular barndominium floor plan options?

Popular barndominium floor plans include open-concept layouts, modern farmhouses, and loft-style designs. These plans often incorporate spacious living quarters, ample storage, and flexible spaces that can be customized to suit your needs, such as home offices, workshops, or guest rooms.

3. How does the home building process differ from traditional construction?

With barndominium kits, the construction process is typically faster and more efficient than traditional home building. The prefabricated components are delivered to your site, ready for assembly, which reduces the need for on-site labor and minimizes construction waste. Additionally, the steel frame and metal cladding offer advantages in terms of durability, maintenance, and energy efficiency.

4. Are there financing options available for barndominium kits?

Yes, financing options for barndominium kits are available through various lenders, including banks, credit unions, and specialized construction loan providers. These loans can cover the cost of the kit, land, and construction expenses. It’s important to research and compare different financing options to find the best fit for your specific needs and budget.

Wrap Up!

barndominium farm homeBarndominium kits offer a unique and cost-effective solution for those seeking a rural home or second residence. With their customizable design options, durable construction, and energy-efficient features, barndominiums are an attractive alternative to traditional home building.

If you’re considering a new home in a rural setting, it’s worth exploring the possibilities that barndominium kits have to offer. Embrace the charm of a barn-inspired home, combined with the modern conveniences and strength of steel construction, to create a living space that’s truly your own.