Barndominium Inside – The Essentials of Designing a Functional Interior

Barndominium Inside Interior

Barns converted into living spaces are a new trend in custom housing, often representing the simplicity of farm living. It is by itself an art piece mostly with rustic elements and is customizable according to the space that you need.

Barndominium Inside combines the livability of a house and the functionality of a barn. No wonder it is taking the world by storm, becoming a fad in prefab and modular houses. Barndominium interior design and construction is a practical solution to a functional living area.

What Is a Barndominium?

gambrel style barn homeBarndominium was first coined by real estate developer Karl Nilsen. It refers to the properties that have both a house and a boarding facility for the tenants’ horses. Present-day barndominiums are either existing or newly built barns retrofitted into living spaces.

A barndo is an open-concept building made of either metal or wood. The open space is versatile for various designs, so it does not necessarily mean you are stuck with a rustic theme.

Barndominium kits offer an easy way of building your dream barndominium with custom designs you can tweak according to your preferences. There are pre-fabricated parts that perfectly fit each other, which you can set up in considerably less time than building a traditional housing foundation.

Barndominium kits are flexible. You can tailor the floor plans according to your needs. A shell kit usually includes a metal roof, trim, sidings, walls, and trusses. The dry-in barndominium interior kit may also add the benefit of windows and doors.

Barndominium Inside Essentials

Barndominium is popular for its ease of construction, durability, and low upfront costs. It is an exciting way of incorporating your living space, working area or dedicating a space for a hobby.

Here are a few things you need and may want to consider when building your dream barndominium interior.

Barndominium Floor Plan

barndominium floorplanThe floor plan is the primary requisite and critical part of any blueprint and construction. It is the basis of the home’s layout and where each room and living quarters are located. Of course, you can also choose an open floor plan for a single multi-function room. Closed floor layouts are ideal if you want privacy within each room.

When creating the barndominium plans, consider the flow of traffic, space, lifestyle and privacy, especially if living with a large family.

Residential barndominium kits usually come in the following floor dimensions and square footage:

  • 30 x 36
  • 30 x 60
  • 40 x 40
  • 40 x 60
  • 40 x 80
  • 50 x 60

Traffic Flow Layout

When laying the floor plan, it is best to consider the flow of traffic and the placement of each room. Well-placed room arrangements increase the functionality of the barn home and provide easy access. Plan the size of each room and prioritize high-traffic areas like the bathroom and living area. Take note of how the different rooms and components affect the livability of the living space.

The barndominium interior layout not only visualizes how people move in the room but is also an important element that sets the tone and design of the home.

Interior Design

More than the exterior design, the most visually stunning part of a barn house is the barndominium interior style. It is what breathes personality into the entirety of the barndominium inside. When planning with aesthetics, start with a design theme. Then, make sure that the details are coherent and support the idea.

The best thing about the barndominium kit is its height and structure, and it makes modifications easier. Some barndominiums have gambrel roofs like a traditional barn. Its increased headroom is versatile and can be achieved with vaulted ceilings, lofts, skylights and other design options.


modern barndominiumMaterials characterize the barndominium interior style and design theme you want. Wood and steel are the most popular because of their rustic charm. But, do not always rely on wood as the forefront of the barndominium interior. Barndominiums are versatile. Aside from the typical wooden farmhouse build, you can choose any materials you want.

Steel, for example, is great for modern farmhouses, industrial themes and other metal building designs. Most barndominium kits are made of steel building and are valued for their durability and ability to complement other materials.

Bricks and stones are also a popular choice for barndominium interior construction. If you opt for a rustic charm barndominium interior, you can mix stained concrete floors and salvaged wood interiors. Stained concrete floors are ideal for modern farmhouse or industrial barndominium interior styles.

Windows and Doors

laneway housingDoors and windows are understandably important in any home and provide ventilation. Aside from the entry of light and air, it also serves an aesthetic purpose. The size and design of the doors and windows have a role in the layout and appeal of a barndominium interior.

Make sure that the barn door and window do not detract from the home design nor should they cramp up and dim the living space. Many high-end barndominium designs noticeably embrace floor-to-ceiling glass windows that amp up the space and make it more energy efficient.

Barndominium Cost

A barndominium is a cheaper alternative to traditional home construction. The cost of building traditional houses in Canada starts at CAD 120 to 275 per square foot, depending on the city. Residential building costs continually rise due to labour shortages and material prices due to inflation.

Conversely, a barndo can set you back at CAD 95 to 125 per square foot for a full turnkey building. You can be your own contractor, saving you 15 to 20% more off the price.

Contact an expert if you are sure about barndominium living but unsure about the details. At Barndominiums Canada, we can help you find the right barndo for your lifestyle and budget.

Send us details about your home need, and our network of building providers can give you a free quote and consultation. Living your dream home does not need to be too complex. Our barndominium providers are here to help you with the custom barn home that you need and deserve.