Barndominium – Equal Parts Fashionable and Functional

white barndominum small home

The action of combining your living space with a barn or that of a barn-like structure has been happening for a few hundred years now. The official name “Barndominium” coined in 1989 by a real estate developer is still very popular today. Also known as “Barndos” these structures provide an affordable, convenient and energy efficient way to live. They continue to prove that they are easy to maintain, while being fashionable and yet functional.

What Is A Barndominium?

A barndominium is a barn or even a building which has been designed like a barn with living quarters added in. The primary name is a combination of barn and condominium to describe these traditional barns with living spaces. Today the modern Barndominium or Barndos are built as large steel, metal, or even wooden structures with a significant living quarter and a shop or garage. The living area is usually above the ground or even adjacent to the large open working area.

Consider Having One – Here’s Why

barndominium concept large windowsImmediately there is the beauty at the core of the Barndos, which is an open design space. If you also love the combination of your workplace and living area, then yes, consider having one. There is no commute to make it to work, if you convert the Barndominium into your workshop and office. You have design freedom and space flexibility. Living here can give you ideas to have your gym or hobby shop or boutique housed in the structure. Any interior designer can assist you in coupling the benefits of the space with your living quarters, and bring it to life.

How About The Cost?

Generally, it depends on the tastes and the feature selections and finishes, which you wish to have as part of your barndominium. Building your barndo can go from around $50 – $150 per square foot, and naturally with your aesthetic touch then the cost may be a bit different.

The Fashionable Features

Your Barndominium has the flexibility of an open floor plan with a customized interior and exterior. This is great to add your preferred features, maybe wooden or steel staircases, and other compliments such as:

  • The Addition Of a Loft, Mezzanines, Skylights and Overhangs
  • Considering A Cathedral Ceiling
  • Muted Wooden Flooring
  • Peel And Stick Accent Walls
  • Hidden Storage To Maximize Dead Space
  • Windows Floor To Ceiling – Enhancing Your Lighting

Benefits Of A Barndominium

Design Versatility

barndominium plans designBarndos feature open designs with large spaces. The spaces provide design versatility to tailor to suit your specific style. You can design and install various fittings and even have several separate working areas within the same building.

Easy Modifications

If your future space needs change, no problem with a barndo. The external metallic or wooden structure is easier to modify than traditionally built homes. Additionally, with the interior, the flexibility of the internal space also provides for any changes that you wish to make.

Highly Durable

Barndos are known to last for several years. This all depends on how well it has been constructed, and also how well it is maintained. It is ideal to work with your respected contractor when building your barndominium.


Your Barndos, is easily fitted with energy-efficient windows and walls and can be sealed with your preferred form of insulation. These features, coupled with abundant natural lighting, ensure that your lighting and heating costs are at a minimum.


luxury modern barndominiumBarndos are such that they require very minimal maintenance, from metal frames to concrete slabs and even raised ceilings. Also, the fantastic open space designs make cleaning very easy.

Fashionable and Functional

Since the barndominium is usually built from a metal building kit, this prefab structure can be easily expanded based on your needs. Another plus is that these buildings tend to carry a lower insurance cost as well as have a lower rate of taxation.